Dreamate Review

By: beigesoil

Dreamate is a kind of acupuncture wrist watch that you wear as you sleep. It was created by Hivox and it is designed to relieve stress and increase melatonin levels as you sleep. How does it work then? Well, as explained on their website:

“According to the Meridian Theory of Chinese Medicine, there are 3 specific “acupuncture points” on the wrist, they are Shern-Men point, Day-Ling point, and Ney-Guan point respectively. Shern-Men point is along the “Heart Meridian” which is responsible for the mental health and function of circulatory system. Day-Ling and Ney-Guan points are along the “Peri-heart Meridian” which can help prevent the hyper-function of the nervous system. These 3 specific points thus enclose a “Golden Triangle” which functions for stress-relieving and sleep-inducing. If Dreamate is worn on wrist’s Golden Triangle for 15 minutes, half an hour before going to bed several days on a row, it will eventually relax the uptight nervous system and body to improve sleeping.”

Dreamate Customer Reviews:

“I have been using this consistently for about 2 months now and I really like it. I can’t tell you for sure that it actually helps me sleep better, but I can say that it does relax you. I find that if you combine it with some meditating/conscious breathing it works best. I think it’s a good buy if you have some extra cash.” – Michael

“I purchased this as a gift for my dad who suffers from insomnia. He used as instructed, 1 cycle 10 minutes prior to his bed time, which worked as directed. It issued small pulse waves to the wrist, however later in the night when he had fallen asleep he would wake up to a jolting violent shock, that he said he could feel to the bone. He retried several times but had the same problems, we returned for a refund.” – Shannon

“I have major insomnia for years and was hoping this would help. I would try anything at this time. It didn’t do a thing! I used it for 2 weeks and nothing. It vibrates and has an electrical thing to it that you can hardly feel. It’s a no go for me.” – Mike

Is Dreamate Worth Trying?

Dreamate can be purchased through several online vendors (i.e. Amazon) and at stores like Target. Most places price it around $50 and it may come with a refund depending on the store. Here’s the deal: Dreamate is not going to cure your insomnia. It may occasionally help relax you or help you deal with stress, but don’t buy it thinking it will magically change the way you sleep. If you want a cure to insomnia we suggest you look for pills with clinically proven ingredients and solid science backing them up. The fact is, for $50 you can buy plenty of effective sleeping pills.

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