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Knockout by Scivation is a sleeping pill designed to “ensure a restful night’s sleep, support optimal hormone levels, and help you recover.” Most sleeping pills focus on putting you to sleep quickly, allowing you to sleep through the night, and helping you wake up refreshed. A few companies (usually muscle building types) go above and beyond this 3-pronged approach. Knockout by Scivation is the weight-lifters sleeping pill. Let’s examine some of the key ingredients to see how effective it really is.

Knockout by Scivation Ingredients:

The active ingredients in Knockout by Scivation include: vitamin B6 and B5, tryptophan, valerian root, GABA, inositol, melatonin, ziziphus jujube, white peony, ashwaghanda, ocimum sanctum, and magnolia bark.

Several ingredients are effective sleep aids and the others are geared more towards the “recovery” aspect of Knockout by Scivation. Tryptophan (made famous by turkey dinners at Thanksgiving), valerian root, GABA, inositol, and melatonin are all competent sleep aids. By providing this many sleep aids, Knockout by Scivation is banking on the fact that at least one or two of them will work for everyone. The other ingredients are meant to promote calmness and balance. As far as helping you “recover” it is hard to say how effective Knockout by Scivation is. Recovery can mean a lot of different things. Knockout by Scivation will not help your muscles recover from a workout while you sleep (they don’t have any ingredients associated with such a process). It is equally unclear how Knockout by Scivation will balance hormones.

Possible Side Effects of Knockout by Scivation:

Knockout by Scivation should be relatively side-effect free. There is some concern that it can become habit forming, but that depends on how your body reacts to ingredients like valerian root and others. There are other, more powerful sleep aids that come with a much higher risk of addiction than Knockout by Scivation.

Knockout by Scivation Customer Reviews:

“First off do not take this product if you already sleep well. If you have a problem getting a full nigts rest this will do exactly what it says. I would take it an hour before bed, and would make sure I was at home and not going to have to do a damn thing after I took it. I made the mistake of taking it early on in the cycle when we were at a friends house letting the kids play, and I ended up falling asleep at the dinner table with my head next to my plate. Energy the next day is amazing, it feels like you’ve never slept a good night ever before. A downside to the product is that you could possibly become dependent on it, I felt myself not being able to chill out at night if I didn’t take it. So I gradually weened myself off.” – Anonymous

“Tastes and smells HORRIBLE. It made me fall asleep but I still woke up after 3 or 4 hours.” – Anonymous

Overall Value:

One bottle of Knockout by Scivation costs $24.99 and can be purchased through several retailers on line. Scivation does not offer a money back guarantee or refund. If you buy Knockout through some other vendors it is possible that they will offer a refund. Knockout by Scivation has great ingredients and it should be a reliable sleep aid. It is not the most powerful formula out there, but it is still really good. The only issue is that you can find similar products at a the same price that come with a refund. You may want to check these out first. Visit this page to see how we review our products:'s Top-Rated Sleep Aid of 2015

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