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SomnaMax is a new sleep aid designed with sleep- and relaxation-inducing ingredients to help users fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

“Formulated with All Natural Ingredients, SomnaMax will Help You Sleep Better to Get the Rest You Need,” reads one advertisement.

The company claims SomnaMax contains more proven, natural ingredients than any over-the-counter sleep aid.

I took a closer look to see what’s inside SomnaMax.


SomnaMax’s ingredient label is transparent. The company provides dose information for each ingredient. Here‘s a look at some of the main ingredients.

Melatonin (1 mg)
Melatonin is a natural hormone that reduces sleep latency and induces sleepiness. According to authorities, the optimal melatonin dose is unclear, “but it is probably in the 1 to 5 mg range. [1]

There is enough melatonin in SomnaMax to provide sleep benefits.

Valerian Root (600 mg)
This ingredient acts as a sedative and is commonly used to treat insomnia and sleep troubles
An aqueous valerian root extract (400 mg), a placebo, or a proprietary over-the-counter valerian preparation were randomly given to test subjects on different nights. Researchers discovered valerian markedly reduced subjectively evaluated sleep latency scores and significantly improved sleep quality. [2]

There is more than enough valerian root in SomnaMax to help users fall asleep quickly.

Hops (50 mg)
Hops has a relaxing effect and works well with other herbs like valerian root.

Patients suffering from non-organic sleep disorders supplemented with 500 valerian extract siccum and 120 mg hops were able to fall asleep significantly faster than a placebo. [3]

Hops amounts in SomnaMax are smaller, so its effects won’t be as potent as other ingredients in the formula. But, it still may produce positive effects over time.

Lemon Balm (50 mg)
Lemon balm has sedative, calming properties.

When adults took 80 mg lemon balm and 160 valerian root extract 3 times a day, sleep quality improved. [4]

Phenibut (400 mg)
This ingredient enhances cognition, treats anxiety, and ameliorates sleep in neurotic patients. [5]

Phenibut doses are dependent on age, weight, and health. That’s why the company included a high phenibut dose.

5-HTP (50 mg)
Also known as 5-hydroxtryptophan, 5-HTP works in the nervous system by enhancing serotoninc production. Serotonin affects several activities, ranging from appetite to sleep. One animal study shows serotonin improved quality of sleep and increased the amount of sleep obtained. [6]

Optimal 5-HTP doses are dependent on several life factors including age and health.

L-Theanine (100 mg)
L-theanine relieves responses to psychological and physiological stress, which may be a factor in restlessness and poor sleep.

The study shows L-theanine “could cause anti-stress effects via the inhibition of cortical neuron excitation.” [7]

According to some authorities, typical doses range from 50 -200 mg, but, “It’s safer to start off on lower dosages and slowly increase.” [8] L-theanine amounts in SomnaMax are safe and effective.

Side Effects

Because SomnaMax’s ingredients are all-natural, there have been no reported long-term side effects.

Possible temporary side effects are mild and may include head/stomach ache due to sensitivity to an ingredient.

Luckily, users can assess tolerance by beginning with smaller doses.

How to Take SomnaMax

As a sleep aid, SomnaMax is to be taken before bed. The directions on the bottle say to take 4 capsules approximately 1 hour before sleep.

Some users may respond just as well to smaller doses, and some users may experience its effects quicker than others.

Some users take SomnaMax every night, and others take it only when they have struggled to get adequate sleep the previous night. Because SomnaMax ingredients are all-natural, safe, and don’t cause dependence, users can take it as needed.

Where to Purchase SomnaMax

The best place to buy SomnaMax is through the official website, This is because the company offers multiple-bottle deals and free shipping.

Also, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee is not limited to unopened bottles like many other company’s policies. The company allows users to try the product risk free. If they are not satisfied, they can return 1 empty bottle and any remaining unused bottles.

What Are Users Saying?

Because SomnaMax is new, there aren’t many user reviews available. But, there are some user comments listed on the official website.

“I’ve been using the supplement for a week now and have been having more restful sleep than I’ve had in years,” says M. Furiman.

“SomnaMax has helped me finally take control of my body and my mid to get the sleep I really want and need,” says Danielle.

Jane adds she was amazed by SomnaMax’s effectiveness and lack of side effects.

In Conclusion

SomnaMax is an effective sleep aid that helps users get that good night’s rest they need. Other sleep aids may be cheaper, but they can’t compete with SomnaMax’s safe, powerful formula and impeccable customer service.

Considering how much sleep affects overall health, SomnaMax’s benefits will reach beyond improving sleep quality.

If you are interested, I suggest taking advantage of the company’s deals to save money in the long run.

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  1. never tried it

    would like to try it haven’t sleep good over 35 years please help.

    stephen faunce
    July 6, 2014 4:00 pm

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