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Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT Review

By: beigesoil

The website for Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT had that organic feel to it. It contains basically everything you need. It has a complete list of ingredients and a supplement fact table, brewing instructions, FAQ section, refund information, a description of how and why Tradition Medicinals products work, and the opportunity to buy directly from the site. The one things missing from the website is customer testimonials. Other than that, the website is useful and informative.

Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT Ingredients:

The ingredients in Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT include: Passion Flower, chamomile, Linden flower, catnip herb, hops, spearmint leaf, lemon peel, lemon leaf, and West Indian lemongrass leaf.

These are some of the better herbal ingredients, but they are not proven sleep aids. There is clinical evidence to suggest that passion flower, chamomile and the others “promote” sleepiness, but promoting sleepiness and putting you to sleep are two very different things. By their own admission, Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT is for “occasional sleeplessness.” It is relatively side-effect free and it helps you avoid the morning-after hangover. But, it may not be strong enough for people who desperately need a good night’s sleep.

Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT Customer Reviews:

“I found this product to taste a little too grassy but the real reason I am writing this review is because they sell it in the grocery stores for much much cheaper.” – Axli

“Not a great taste but works really well. It is the only night time tea I could find that works well and doesn’t contain valerian root (which gives me a terrible hangover).” – J

“This tea is the absolute only thing that helps me get a good night sleep. Unlike drugs & even melatonin, there is no groggy effect in the morning. It is MUCH more effective than chamomile for me. And it can be used every night indefinitely with no ill effects! If you suffer from sleep issues try this first.” – Anonymous

Is Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT Safe?

There are no known side effects associated with Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT. If you happen to be allergic to one of the herbs or other ingredients then you can expect to see traditional signs of an allergic reaction (i.e. rash, hives, watery/itchy eyes, swollen face and mouth, trouble breathing, etc.) If you do experience any of these symptoms stop taking NIGHTY NIGHT. Thankfully, it does not have any habit forming ingredients so you can’t become addicted to it. It is one of the safer sleep aids available…unfortunately that usually (not always) means it is also one of the weaker sleep aids in the market.

Is Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT Worth Trying?

Sure. One box (16 tea bags) of Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT costs $5.49 and it comes with a money back guarantee. Because it is cheap and guaranteed, Traditional Medicinals NIGHTY NIGHT is a quality investment for what I like to call amateur insomniacs. But professional insomniacs need something stronger and something proven. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about our top rated sleep aids.'s Top-Rated Sleep Aid of 2015

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